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The facilities consist of a Research & Development laboratory where product analyses, formulation development, and performance comparisons are conducted, a pilot plant laboratory for testing the processing of detergents on a small scale, and an area for controlled environment studies.

Formulations are screened with the use of Tergotometers for detergency, anti-redeposition, and brightening performance. The Tergotometer is also used at Drop Chemicals Ltd. to test for scale buildup and foaming performance of laundry detergents. Water hardness and temperature are also controlled during these tests to assure adequate performance over a wide range of water conditions.

Performance testing of hard surface cleaners, liquid dishwashing detergents, automatic dishwashing detergents, and fabric softening products is conducted routinely in the laboratory.

The Drop Chemicals Ltd. laboratory is used for processing larger samples of product, optimizing order of addition of batch formulas, and working with new raw materials. The pilot plant laboratory is capable of producing small batch quantities of specific new raw materials and generating data for scale up of a process.

Controlled environment studies are critical to determining the stability and shelf life of products. Drop Chemicals Ltd. formulas are run through a series of controlled environment studies to determine the effects of time, temperature, and humidity on the final formula. Aging studies can be conducted from 0° F to 200° F and 5% to 95% relative humidity. Controlled environment studies are also used to determine the impact of formula on packaging and packaging on formula.

Drop Chemicals Ltd. works daily on reducing formula costs while maintaining or improving performance to give our customers the best formulas available at the lowest cost.

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